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How to Know When You Need a Water Meter Replacement

Every property, whether residential or commercial, will have a water meter. This particular installation lasts for many years unless it suffers some damage or excessive deterioration.  In some situations, you may need to replace your water meter and would need to hire the services of licensed plumbers. At SPS Plumbers Western Sydney, we handle all types of plumbing jobs big and small, including water metre installations.

We have been operating in the space for many years and provide our clients with high-quality services at affordable prices.  Water metre replacement needs to be handled very carefully.  You also first need to determine whether the replacement is necessary.

Signs That Your Water Meter Needs Replacement

  • One of the first signs that you might need to replace your water metre is when you receive excessively high water bills.  If you have noticed that you are paying far more than what you usually do for your water consumption, without a change in usage, call an expert plumber immediately.  A very old or deteriorated water metre might give you an incorrect reading which means you will end up paying more each month.
  • If your water metre is more than 15 years old, it’s best to replace the installation.  Older systems can give you incorrect readings.  If you have moved into an older home, call in a licensed plumber to check the condition and age of the water metre.  They would be able to tell you whether replacement is required.
  • Many homeowners are very conscious about how much water they consume and want better visibility of their water usage. Today, there are many smart water metres on the market, and you can consider replacing the standard one with these new products.  A smart water metre will provide real-time information about water usage any time you need it. It is an excellent way to keep track of how much water is consumed on your property.
  • If you live in an apartment building (with a shared water metre), it can become challenging to determine whether the bills you are paying are yours.  It’s best to get a separate water metre fitted as it will give you readings only for water used by you and your family. 

Water Metre Setup

If you want to get your water metre replaced, you need the services of a licensed plumber that has handled similar projects in the past.  We are a credible and well-established company in this industry and cater to residential and commercial clients. 

Our team will provide you with all the information you require about different types of water metres and will also handle the actual installation to industry standards. We offer the perfect balance of high quality and cost-effectiveness which means you are sure to get value for money when you hire us. For any information on our services, contact SPS Plumbers Western Sydney at this number- (02) 9099 9845. You can also send us your requests via this Online Form, and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.

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Same Day Service with 24 Hour Emergency Service

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Charge by the Job not by the Hour Fast & Reliable

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Lifetime Guarantee by Licensed & Insured Plumbers



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